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Crashing Skies

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by Penny McCann
Canada / 5:27 / 2012
sound / colour & b/w

An ordinary rural landscape is transformed into an enigmatic dreamscape. A farmhouse stands in a copper field of scratched emulsion as solarized flares illuminate the sky. Split toned horses amble dreamlike across the frame into inky underexposed blackness. Copper thistles sway in the wind, looming and strangely monumental. The hand-processed 16mm imagery creates an elliptical inner world of memory and dreams.

Filmed at the Independent Imaging Retreat in Mount Forest, Ontario. Atmospheric sound design by Edmund Eagan.

Exhibition Formats

  • Beta SP NTSC
  • Other


  • hand-processed
  • landscape/arch.
  • work by/about women


  • experimental
  • hand processed
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