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my I's

by Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof
Canada / 10:00 / 1997
sound / colour

"my I's" is a visual journey through time, space, and memories of the filmmaker from her childhood to the present. Not parting with her Super 8 camera for four years, she accumulated a variety of images from different parts of the world and from different times of the year. She then combined these images with home movie footage of herself and her mother.

Pruska-Oldenhof’s childhood memories of Sunday afternoon walks with her mother - to a park, a field or a castle - and seeing the world through her mother’s eyes has shaped her mind and even her filmic eye. “my I’s” is about the bond between mother and child, one which continues outside the womb. As a substitute umbilical cord, the film uses light - the source of life, and the essential element of both vision and cinema. This is a film about the learning process of the eye (the child) and the I (the filmmaker), at different stages of life.


  • family
  • work by/about women

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  • experimental
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