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I Am Always Connected

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by Phillip Barker
Canada / 5:30 / 1998
silent / colour

“I Am Always Connected” is about inseparable connections, like those between light and shadow, the mind and the body, the rational and the instinctual. The film is a new construction from footage originally made for a 1984 installation piece for the Lumen Travo, a gallery in Amsterdam. The original Super 8 film was projected hundreds of times in a loop. “I Am Always Connected” was filmed on a small country road near Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I painted the canvas backdrop based on photographs taken at the location. I recently returned to the location and found that all the trees had been cut down, due to some disease, I think. (PB)

“In Philip Barker’s compact, stunning ‘I Am Always Connected’ the entire history of the camera’s relationship to the subject, to movement and the audience gets compressed into two sophisticated scenarios.” –Cameron Bailey, NOW Magazine

Exhibition Formats

  • 16mm


  • environment
  • landscape/arch.


  • experimental
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