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Tous les Deux

by Marc Beurteaux
Canada / 3:00 / 2001
sound / b/w

On opposite sides of the fence they drearily march. The tall leaders of each group lead with authority. Their charges, miserable, their eyes to the ground. Neither side acknowledges the other, until a chance meeting. Two stragglers from the march, one from each side of the fence, turn and face one another. One is shy, unsure. The other seeing the opportunity to make a friend presents a flower. The ice is broken, a kiss almost comes to fruition until... But can love win in a world of brutal conformity?

We may see people different than ourselves - whether through race, culture or belief-living beside us, working beside us, suffering beside us and yet so often we ignore them because that is what we are taught. But they are the same as we. “Tous les Deux” tells the symbolic story of our world. Our Love. Our hate.


  • animation

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  • Beta SP NTSC
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