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Walk For Walk

by Amy Lockhart
Canada / 10:00 / 2005
sound / colour

Lockhart’s unparalleled understanding of the fantastic and grotesque combined with her completely original aesthetic sensibilities create and inhabit an animated landscape where a seemingly endless parade of kooky little creatures walk themselves straight into trouble, but always find a way out. Enter the surreal, ever-changing world of "Walk for Walk", a colourful, tripped-out animated landscape filled with catchy songs, eyeball kicks, goofball characters, and a great variety of babies: Warm Baby! Mister Baby! Rich Baby! And more! Created using over 1000 hand-painted paper cutouts, puppets and backgrounds.

Selected screenings: Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film, Durham, ON, 2006; Rendezvous with Madness Festival, Toronto, ON, 2005

Exhibition Formats

  • 16mm
  • Beta SP NTSC


  • animation
  • experimental


  • art and artists
  • comedy
  • music
  • psychology/mental health
  • work by/about women
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