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Going Back Home

by Louise Bourque
Canada / 1:15 / 2000
sound / colour

Turmoil of unsheltered childhood; the dwelling as self.

“Louise Bourque’s ‘Going Back Home’ conveys a sense of loss and upheaval with just a few images.” - Steve Anker and Kathy Geritz, program notes, San Francisco International FIlm Festival, 2002

“The disasters of life can make it hard to go home. Bourque’s brief, beautiful, and affecting film goes by so quickly it’s printed twice on the reel, so you can get a second look.” - Program notes, Images Festival, 2001

“To the scratchy sounds of an old music box... ‘Going Back Home’ weaves snippets of old reels of houses collapsing, fires and floods into a 30-second elegy... Deep within its battered places and antique sounds, the film offers the possibility of recalling something that otherwise could be lose forever.” - Joanne Silver, The Boston Herald, Dec. 17, 2004

Selected screenings & awards: Festival Coordinator’s Citation, San Francisco Art Institute Film and Video Festival, CA, 2004; Jury Award, New York Exposition of Short Film and Video, NY, 2001; Innovation Award, 26th New England Film and Video Festival, Boston, MA, 2001; International Film Festival Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2001; Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto, ON, 2002; Festival of New Cinema and New Media, Montreal, QC, 2001; Huesca International Film Festival, Spain, 2001; Impakt Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2001; Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, MI, 2002

Exhibition Formats

  • 35mm


  • autobiography
  • cameraless
  • family
  • found footage
  • hand-processed
  • landscape/arch.
  • music
  • work by/about women


  • experimental
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