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Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny

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by Gabrielle Zilkha
Canada / 10:36 / 2013
sound / colour / English

It's a journey most of us are familiar with. One that starts with lust, passion, intense love and joy and eventually dwindles down the road of routine, familiarity and day to day banalities. Once flirtatious and sexually charged exchanges give way to grocery list reminders and 'honey, do you have to chew like that?' type requests.

But what happens when a couple of bunnies, who started off their relationship shagging like... well, bunnies... find themselves in the same bind? Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny follows our bunny couple on their dedicated journey to revive their sex life. From role play, to sex toys, to sex therapy, the roller coaster sexploration these bunnies endure is exciting, thrilling, humiliating, exhausting and, at times, quite touching.

In the end, the bunnies face a reality that most longtime lovers confront at one point or another in their relationship: that while something might get lost over the years together, something else, equally important, grows in its place.


Iris Prize Shortlist (2013)

Winner: Best Short Film Award + Hot Shorts Award, Inside Out LGBT Film Festival (Toronto, 2013)

Winner: Audience Award for a Short Film, Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (2013)

Winner: Friday Audience Choice Award, London Lesbian Film Festival (2014)

Official Selection Melbourne Queer Film Festival (2014)


  • comedy
  • Queer/Bi/Trans
  • sexuality
  • work by/about women

Exhibition Formats

  • digital file


  • narrative
  • queer
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