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They Were Promised The Sea

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by Kathy Wazana
Canada / 72:00 / 2012
sound / colour

Kathy Wazana's award-winning documentary is a lyrical, polemical, musical road movie on dispossession and exile, hope and the possibilities of coexistence.

Filmmaker Kathy Wazana set out to discover why hundreds of thousands of Jews left Morocco in the 1960s, believing their Arab homeland had become enemy territory. What she found was a country still grieving the loss of its Jewish population. Her “enemy” welcomed her home and claimed her as one of their own.

Wazana's research into her family origins in Morocco unleashed a complex web of questions about dual identity, political opportunism, and the challenges faced by those torn between Homeland and Promised Land. Her investigation reveals a dramatic series of events that put an end to 2,000 years of Jewish-Arab coexistence, and exposes the calculations and political maneuvers that led to the mass exodus of Jews from their ancestral homeland, and to the dispossession and exile of the Palestinian people.

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  • French language
  • history
  • multicultural
  • music
  • political/social activism
  • spirituality
  • work by/about women


  • documentary
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