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Une Terre Familère

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by Marianna Milhorat
U.S.A. / 18:04 / 2013
sound / colour / English & French

Where is there to belong to? To not feel strange? To not ask permission? Ground. Home. A familiar land. 

Une Terre Familière is structured as a series of long-take vignettes, each centered around a site purposing a collision of nature and artifice. Within highly manicured environments, these sites attempt to imitate natural processes and un-peopled ecosystems and to preserve and manage elements of nature. The figures in Une Terre Familière struggle to do their best with what they have--to find their own sun at the tanning salon, their own clouds in the steam room--to improve, to connect, to find “home” in the world.

Exhibition Formats

  • digital file


  • environment
  • landscape/arch.
  • work by/about women


  • experimental
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