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Two Weeks - Two Minutes

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by Judith Poirier
Canada / 2:35 / 2013
colour & b/w / No dialogue

Two Weeks – Two Minutes, a film and a book, explores the double-page format and the notion of time in both media. During a two-week residency at the Center for Book and Paper Arts (CBPA) in Chicago, Judith Poirier printed simultaneously on paper and 35mm clear film stock using a letterpress. Every hour during her stay, she systematically wrote down what she was seeing, hearing or doing, trying to capture a snapshot of time. These observations were set directly on the press, at the rhythm of a spread a day while using the CBPA’s collection of metal and wood type. The letters, stereotypes and ornaments printed on celluloid, generate the animation as well as the soundtrack for this two-minute film.

Each spread of the 24-page book produces 10 seconds of film for a total of 120 seconds (2 minutes). For the digital transfer of the printed celluloid, the frame was turned 90° recreating the vertical format of a book and the horizontal movement of reading. Edited as two vertical screens side by side, the film mimics the format of its book companion and suggests a different reading experience. Studio support for the creation of this work was provided by the Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts in the summer of 2012 under an artist in residence program supported by the Illinois Arts Council.


  • animation
  • experimental


  • art and artists
  • cameraless
  • work by/about women

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