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Eyelash Wars

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by Emily Pelstring & Jessica Mensch
Canada / 22:10 / 2014
sound / colour / English

Eyelash Wars is a melodramatic, expanded fiction about the rivalry between two female entrepreneurs who battle for supremacy in the false eyelash business. They compete by putting on elaborate, bizarro window displays that in time, escalate in scale and symbolism. Townspeople come and go, playing bit parts in this haunting and surreal world.

In addition to screening as a single-channel film, Eyelash Wars can be presented in conjunction with installation and performance components that extend the story beyond the boundaries of the screen.

Documentation of the installation and performance related to this film can be viewed here:

The artists can be contacted directly for booking a live performance and/or gallery exhibition in conjunction with a screening:


  • body
  • comedy
  • dance
  • media studies
  • music
  • work by/about women

Exhibition Formats

  • digital file


  • experimental
  • installation
  • narrative
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