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Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles

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by Seyi Adebanjo
U.S.A. / 6:17 / 2013

A powerful and intensely moving document of a community vigil for Islan Nettles, a transgender Womyn of Colour, concerning her spirit and life. Because the personal is political. Because the brutal and increasing attacks on Trans Womyn of Color are outrageous and their victimization causes outrage. Because healing and action tighten our fists and boom our voices. Islan's murder was a hate crime, she was only 21. Her vigil was held at Jackie Robinson Park in Harlem, steps away from where she was murdered. This endeavour captured the love and support that the community brought to sustain each other and her family, along with the continued oppression that occurs in the Queer community noting the increasingly particular targets of transgender and gender non conforming people. Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles.

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  • political/social activism
  • psychology/mental health
  • Queer/Bi/Trans
  • work by/about women


  • documentary
  • queer
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