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by Vika Kirchenbauer
Germany / 12:10 / 2014
sound / colour / English

PLEASE RELAX NOW uses the screen as a source of light and darkness drawing attention to the issue of art consumption as individual vs. collective experience and extending the video piece into physical space. Motivational language is interwoven with metaphysical gestures of salvation characteristic of economics as well as of what is considered “Political Art.”

The piece examines the overlap of current developments in performance art, art display, economics, marketing and the participatory nightmare of life and work as theatre. The striking similarities between Experience Economy – the rendering of memory as a source of profit - and the eventisation of art are deconstructed and ironically reassembled in an artwork made possible only through the social element of spectatorship as a form of immaterial and affective labour.

Staging a darkroom as a promise of intensity and using transgression in its sexual and economic sense, the art space is portrayed as a transformation business. By addressing the spectator as a passive consumer, collaborator, client, spiritual follower, raw material and immaterial worker questions the capacities of art as a social and political field within ever-evolving capitalism.


  • art and artists
  • Queer/Bi/Trans
  • sexuality
  • work by/about women

Exhibition Formats

  • digital file


  • documentary
  • experimental
  • queer
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