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Persistence of Vision

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by Caitlin Durlak
Canada / 14:20 / 2014
sound / colour & b/w / English

Persistence of Vision is the story of a man who, against his doctor’s advice, was determined to make short films while he still could. From age 16 to age 30, Lorne Marin embarked on a burgeoning career as an experimental filmmaker. Now, thirty years later, his body dictates most of his life choices, yet his artistic urges remain. Lorne has lived the past fifty odd years with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease often described as “tunnel vision.” Today, his vision is limited to a circle about one inch in diameter.

Persistence of Vision showcases the films Lorne made thirty years ago, and through his critical examination of them, we catch a glimpse inside the mind of an artist. As we investigate the gravity of his present impairments, the film seeks to challenge our own senses and perceptions. With ‘loss’ as a key theme in this film, Lorne is asked to recall a past life, one in which his creative accomplishments contrast his present experiences. He must also face his fears of the future, which will most certainly bring complete blindness. Persistence of Vision tells a story about creation, impairments, endings and new futures.

En français: Persistence of Vision est un film sur l'acte créatif. Il y a trente ans, malgré un diagnostic qui mettait sa carrière en péril, l'artiste Canadien Lorne Marin s'est décidé à créer des courts métrages expérimentaux aussi longtemps qu'il lui serait possible de le faire. Aujourd'hui, même si ses capacités physiques dictent une grande partie sa vie, son désir artistique n'a pas diminué et Marin cherche de nouvelles façon de le satisfaire.


  • art and artists
  • biography
  • body
  • film studies
  • psychology/mental health
  • work by/about women

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  • experimental
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