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The Diver

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by Amy Munz
U.S.A. / 3:15 / 2015
sound / colour / English

The video captures the powerful moment before we take action, when mystery, fear, and impending commitment tug on our consciousness. A young woman is alone at an idyllic spot, bowed over and poised to dive into the calm turquoise water below. She is stuck when deciding whether she should leap into the pool or just walk away. The familiar feminine dance unfurls as she counts, staying at the edge of a decision. As she counts, her body and voice are overcome by waves of physical and psychological trembles. Time and space are revealed as narrow constructions of the mind, ruling our perceptions in this place where we have all been, caught between decision and action.


  • body
  • dance
  • work by/about women

Exhibition Formats

  • digital file


  • experimental
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