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by Emily Pelstring
Canada / 7:00 / 2015
sound / colour / No dialogue

Hand-drawn and digital animation, analog video effects, re-photography and video feedback transform images issuing from an apparently malfunctioning machine. Materials and objects, in varying physical or mediated transfigurations, pervade each scene, as relics from one moment in a transformation from girlhood to womanhood. Tongue-in-cheek commentary on entertainment technology’s fraught relationship to individual agency and identity, and its role in the standardization of expression and behaviour, underlies a loosely suggested coming-of-age narrative.


  • animation
  • experimental


  • art and artists
  • body
  • history
  • media studies
  • music
  • psychology/mental health
  • science/medicine
  • work by/about women

Exhibition Formats

  • digital file
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