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Take it apart and put together again

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by Maria Magnusson
Sweden / 15:46 / 2014
sound / colour / Swedish w/English Subtitles

Take it apart and put together again is an experimental film about the start of the Swedish Chopper club called Sofia Hogs, founded in 1968 at Söder in Stockholm. The club was inspired by the Flower Power Movement and the film Easy Rider. The film draws from an inside personal perspective, childhood, reflections, memories and photographs from several family photo albums.

Linus Winstam aka DJ Bruce Leenus, creator of the film’s sound collage, is also the son of the one of the persons who speaks in the film.

The film is supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Exhibition Formats

  • digital file


  • family
  • history
  • political/social activism


  • documentary
  • experimental
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