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Image: Solidarity (1973) by Joyce Wieland



Looking to educate your class, group or peers about what CFMDC distribution looks like? 

We offer distribution workshops for emerging artists who are looking to disseminate their works to national or international markets. With an emphasis on how CFMDC functions, our workshops overview how an artist-run non profit distribution centre operates, tips for editing your film, national standards for screening fees for artist payment and commercial vs. artist run distribution.

Internships For Course Credit

CFMDC is happy to welcome students who are looking for course credit into our office to gain hands-on learning in an artist-run centre.

Students can take on projects that involve:

- working with analogue film

- working with works on tape

- working with ephemera, artist files and paper archives

- analogue to digital format digitization

- artist film distribution

- public programming

- collections cataloguing and research

- something else entirely

We are happy to meet with potential interns to discuss what they are interested in working on at the CFMDC. If you are interested in an internship, please send us an email outlining your interest in an internship, and what kinds of projects you'd like to take on at CFMDC.

In Residence

CFMDC is proud to host students and artists who are exploring and studying the CFMDC collection and archives. This can involve film inspection and preservation, archival practices, and getting to know other aspects of the tech process. These scholars have spent time in our library and film vault for research, which you can read more about here.

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