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The Ritual Of The Sex Magick Warriors - Maximilian Suillerot

Image: The Ritual of the Sex Magick Warriors (2019) by Maximilian Suillerot

Shop FAQ

  • Can I purchase an item on behalf of my university, library, or other institution?


Some items in the Shop have special rates for institutional purchase. If that option is not available in the Shop for the item that you are interested in purchasing, please contact bookings(at)cfmdc(.)org for more information. If an item is purchased at the wrong rate, a refund will be issued. 


Similarly, some items in the Shop have different rates for North American and European institutions, to accommodate the differences in available funding and library budgets. If you are unsure about which rate to select, or if you have any questions about the available options, please contact bookings(at)cfmdc(.)org

You can also review our Fee Schedule for the baseline costs of purchasing and licensing for educational use.

  • Why are so many films in the CFMDC catalogue not available in the Shop?


The Shop only includes a small number of items that are specifically intended for public sale. These include Special Edition DVDs, box-sets, and books by/about filmmakers.

  • Can I purchase something from the CMFDC catalogue if it is not listed in the Shop?


If you are interested in purchasing something from our catalogue that is not listed in our shop, please send your request to bookings(at)cfmdc(.)org. A CFMDC staff member will contact you about the availability of the requested title(s).

Please keep in mind that not every title will be available for purchase.

  • Can I visit the CFMDC office in Toronto to place an order or pick up an item in-person?


The CFMDC office is not a storefront. Most of our sale items are kept in storage and cannot be perused or purchased on-the-spot at our office.


Instead, you will need to place your order in advance through the CFMDC Shop. When placing an online order from within Ontario, you will be given the option to select "In-person Pickup" during checkout. All other orders will be shipped through Canada Post.

  • Why do DVDs from CFMDC sometimes cost more than a typical DVD?

CFMDC is a not-for-profit, non-commercial media arts distributor. We are committed to supporting the work of artists and independent filmmakers and we believe that artists should be fairly compensated for their work.

The majority of all income that CFMDC receives through sales and rentals is paid out directly to the filmmakers. As a result, our prices are sometimes higher than average.

  • When will my order ship?

Your items will usually be assembled and shipped within 5 business days after we first receive the order.

Please note that the shipping timeline provided during checkout is an estimate from Canada Post, not from CFMDC. We will always try to assemble your order as quickly as possible, regardless of the shipping option you select during checkout, but please allow for an extra few days for us to get your order out the door.

  • How does CFMDC calculate the cost of shipping?

Our shipping rates are calculated based on the weight of your order, according to rates published by Canada Post. If you notice any issues during check-out (i.e., that the shipping rates are incorrect or seem disproportionate to your order), please send an explanation of the issue to bookings(at)cfmdc(.)org.

  • Will CFMDC's DVDs and Blu-rays play in my region?

All of the DVDs made by CFMDC are coded as Region 0 NTSC, which means that they can be played on any device made anywhere in the world, as long as that device can play NTSC discs. All of the Blu-rays made by CFMDC are coded as Region Free. 

However, some items in our shop are made by third parties and may be region-coded. We have tried to flag these items in the Shop by including a note in item description, but if you are worried about an item not playing in your machine, please send an email to bookings(at)cfmdc(.)org before placing your order.

  • How do I request a replacement for my damaged DVD or Blu-ray?

If an item in your order is damaged when you receive it, please send an email to bookings(at)cfmdc(.)org and include the following information:

  • The title of the item(s)

  • The format (DVD/Blu-ray) of the damaged item(s)

  • The address where you would like us to send a replacement copy

If necessary, we will arrange for the damaged item to be sent back to us and we will send you a replacement copy as soon as possible.

  • I am a filmmaker or an author that writes about film. Can I sell my Blu-ray/DVD/book/zine on the CFMDC shop?

CFMDC will consider stocking DVDs, Blu-rays, books, zines, and similar items that have a connection with CFMDC’s membership or mandate. Please contact bookings(at)cfmdc(.)org for more info.

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