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Image: My Fuzzy Valentine (2018) by Ben Edelberg

This fee schedule is a guideline only. Because filmmakers set their own rates, some rental and sale prices may vary from this schedule. Please email bookings(at)cfmdc(.)org to receive an exact quote. Rental and sale prices do not include shipping costs, customs charges, or taxes. 

Prices are listed in CAD for Canadian clients and in USD for international clients. All Canadian transactions are subject to GST/HST.

All invoices will include a 10% admin/handling fee, up to $50 and minimum $5. Bookings received less than 1 week prior to the screening date are also subject to a RUSH fee. 


Digital delivery fees (DCP and other formats) go up to maximum $15 per invoice:
1-29 minutes: $2 per title
30 minutes and more: $5 per title 



In-Person Presentations

Runtime of Individual Film (minutes)
Single Screening
Repeat Screenings (50% Discount)
0 - 5
5 - 15
15 - 30
30 - 60
60 - 90

Virtual Presentations


Livestream presentations are usually priced at a similar rate to in-person presentations. Fees for asynchronous presentations are determined on a case-by-case basis. In addition to the runtime of the film, we also take the following details into consideration:

- geo-blocking

- on-demand availability (following a livestream)

- ticketing restrictions

Please email bookings(at)cfmdc(.)org for an exact quote.

Gallery/Museum Exhibitions

Rates for galleries will vary depending on the parameters of the exhibition. For exhibitions taking place in Canada, CFMDC's rates will be informed by the CARFAC-RAAV fee schedule.



Educational Sales

Runtime of Individual Film (minutes)
K-12 Schools
0 - 5
5 - 15
15 - 30
30 - 60
60 - 90

Purchasing for Universities/Colleges

All DVD/Blu-ray purchases by universities/colleges include limited Public Performance Rights (for on-campus, in-person classroom instruction only) for the life of the media. Rates for a Digital Site License for virtual classrooms are listed below

Purchasing for K-12


Sale prices for individual K-12 schools are generally 50% of the university/college sale price. Special rates are available for school boards purchasing titles in bulk.

Purchasing for a Public Library or Community Organization

Individual titles can be purchased for a flat rate of $100, which includes permissions for loaning to the public. Box-sets and compilations have their own rates. 

Purchasing for Personal Use

The CFMDC Shop features all of our pre-made DVDs/Blu-rays, as well as books and zines. For titles not listed in the CFMDC Shop, please inquire about the availability of individual titles.



Digital Site License (DSL)

License Period
DSL Rate
5-year + DVD/Blu-ray
$550 + 50% discount

DSL for Universities/Colleges

A Digital Site License includes permission for a university/college to host a streaming copy of a film online, for use in virtual classrooms and for students, faculty, and staff at a university/college to access films remotely. A digital video file will be provided in a suitable format for streaming; hosting the file will be the responsibility of the client. If a DVD/Blu-ray is purchased alongside a DSL, corresponding Public Performance Rights (for on-campus, in-person classroom instruction only) will be included. Rates for DVDs/Blu-rays for universities/colleges are listed above


Please email bookings(at)cfmdc(.)org to inquire about the availability of individual titles for VOD. 

Image/Footage Licensing

Rates for image/footage licensing will be informed by the CARFAC-RAAV fee schedule.

Payment Options


From Canadian Clients, we accept:

- cheque

- e-transfer

- EFT / direct deposit

- PayPal

- credit card (in-person or over the phone)​​


From International Clients, we accept: 

- PayPal (preferred)

- USD cheque

- money order

- wire transfers*

*Please note that our account is with a small credit union, so international wire transfers need to be routed through a larger intermediary bank. The process for completing this type of wire transfer is more complicated and can lead to missing funds, funds being returned to your account (including additional charges for the failed transfer), and generally a lot of confusion for both parties. If a wire transfer is your only method of payment, please be prepared to call or visit your bank to complete the transfer, as most online forms do not request the necessary information for the transfer to work. 

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