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Links and Resources
Advocacy for media artists
Indigenous arm of IMAA
Advocacy for artists
Advocacy for Ontario media arts
Film scanning with other resources about analogue film and gear on website
Film processing and scanning
Artist-run centre for independent filmmakers (Toronto)
Organization supporting Black screen content
Organization and collective supporting BIPOC in TV & film industries
Indigenous film festival & presenter with workshops and other programs
Canadian film institution with production, distribution, education, and archive branches
Equipment rentals and workshops (Toronto)
Gallery, workshops, and production studio for new media (Toronto)
Artist-run centre for video artists (Toronto)
Gallery, event space, and studio (Toronto)
Artist-run animation production centre (Toronto)


More information on CFMDC, artist-run organizations and media arts


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Toronto Metropolitan University Residency Theses

Han, Ningjiao. "A catalogue and inventory for Roberto Ariganello's personal collection at Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre." Toronto Metropolitan University, Thesis. (2018)

"This is an applied project wherein 86 films by independent filmmaker Roberto Ariganello were catalogued at Canadian Filmmaker Distribution Center (CFMDC) from January-June 2018. Ariganello is acknowledged as one of the most vital cultural workers when it comes to his devotion to the independent film and art industries, and as a grouping of orphan films, this collection of Ariganello’s has been ignored for a long period of time. The outcome is an inventory for a box containing Roberto Ariganello’s collection, which is stored at CFMDC."

Khoeini, Amin. "Identifying and cataloguing the Film Farm collection at CFMDC." Toronto Metropolitan University, Thesis. (2019)

"This thesis is an applied project aimed to identify all the film that produced in Film Farm workshop that is currently held by CFMDC. The identification process including research into external sources such as the filmmaker’s website, festival journals and distribution documents. A spreadsheet was created that catalogues all the Film Farm collection at CFMDC. The CFMDC database was also updated to reflect the accurate information of the collection for the use of future researchers. Finally, a complete condition report is provided for all the films identified in the collection."

Simmons, Deidre. "The access(ibility) of films in artist-run centres." Toronto Metropolitan University, Thesis. (2019)

"This thesis considers how artist-run centres are creating access to their film collections by using the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) as its case study. It looks at current literature on accessibility, including controlled vocabularies, keywords, folksonomies, and social tagging, and how two other institutions- Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (INA), located in Paris, France and IsumaTV, located in Igloolik, Nunavut, Canada- are currently creating access to their film collections to discover how different forms of accessibility are being used in real time. It looks at how the CFMDC is currently creating access to its film collection and finally, recommends the ways accessibility at an artist-run centre could be improved to help the artist-run centre reach a wider audience, help the researcher in the search and retrieval process, and to keep the film object itself accessible."

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