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Image: CFMDC Banner Workshop led by Aram Han Sifuentes (2019)

Protest Banner Lending Library 

If you are interested in borrowing from our Protest Library, please contact us at

Conceived by multidisciplinary artist and writer Aram Han Sifuentes (she/they), the Protest Banner Lending Library exists at the intersection of textile art, social practice, and activism. The library reflects the work of multiple workshop participants led by Aram at CFMDC in April 2019, encouraged to express their unique social and political messages through protest banners. 

The purpose of the Library is to promote community and resource collaboration by trading knowledge, skills, ideas, and materials, ensuring everyone's voice is heard. 

CFMDC is a permanent branch of the Protest Banner Lending Library. The banners are available to borrow free of charge for a range of different occasions, such as protests, parades, demonstrations, teaching purposes, etc. 

Click HERE to read more about Aram's project and to find other Protest Banner Lending Libraries in other cities.


Title: Clean Water Is A Human Right

Artist: Aram Han Sifuentes

Dimensions: 130 cm (W) x 89 cm (H)


Title: Nurodiversity

Artist: Vanessa Dion Fletcher

Dimensions: 270 cm (W) x 91 cm (H)


Title: The System Isn't Broken It Was Built This Way

Artist: Andrew Finlay Stewart

Dimensions: 138 cm (W) x 107 cm (H)


Title: Time For Action, No Time to Waste

Artist: Christina Battle

Dimensions: 120 cm (W) x 109 cm (H)


Title: Stop Killing Us

Artist: Amy Fung

Dimensions: 116 cm (W) x 102 cm (H)

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