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Image: Two Found Objects of Charles Boultenhouse (1996) by Stan Brakhage

Thank you for your interest in submitting to CFMDC! Please read the information below before submitting your work.


How it works

CFMDC is a non-commercial, artist-run centre distributor. We are a non-profit organization with a particular client base, not a commercial film distributor. All of our agreements with artists are non-exclusive, which means you can pursue other agreements and self-distribute alongside our agreement. For more information on what membership entails please check out our membership pageYou receive 70% of all royalties for work distributed through CFMDC. Read on for distribution details.


Festival distribution

If your film was made in the last year and fits our genre focus— Queer, Documentary, Experimental, or Animation— we put your work in a specialized compilation to submit to national and international festival clients for a festival circuit. We will submit your work to our focused client list (barring submission restrictions or specifications such as runtime, theme, premiere status, or other limitations).


Educational distribution

Educational rentals are not frequently initiated by us; we receive requests from educators who might have an idea of what title they want or from browsing our catalogue. From time to time, we may create compilations for educators who request recommendations for films on a certain topic. We also occasionally send out emails to scholars who are doing research on a particular topic with a list of film recommendations. However, these communications are sporadic and topics vary.



CFMDC is always looking for paid opportunities to showcase membership work. We have regular public programming on our streaming website, CFMDCtv, and are always seeking out opportunities to create partnerships with curators and other organizations. When films are done their festival run we also seek out video-on-demand and streaming opportunities. If anyone might be interested in paying for your work, whether it's a programmer, gallery, or VOD platform, we are happy to negotiate on your behalf. By and large, we only work with clients that pay artist fees.


Submission process


Please read through the information on our Members page. As well as look through our catalogue to gain a broader understanding of the kinds of works CFMDC represents. 

If you are wishing to deposit a film with CFMDC, please email membership(at)

The length of time required to respond to submissions will vary depending on workload, the number of submissions received, and other factors.


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