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Image: Coconut/Cane & Cutlass (1994) by Michelle Mohabeer

In her lush, intricately constructed works, Gariné Torossian explores film form, hybrid film and video technologies, and themes of belonging, identity and the body. “Mining a rich palette of colours and textures, superimpositions and dissolves, mixing formats of Super 8, 35mm and video, [she] creates films that bridge the gaps between visual art, sound art, cinema and the rock video” (Lux Distribution).


Study guide includes an essay by Ian Balfour, York University.


1) Visions

2) Girl from Moush

3) Drowning in Flames

4) Pomegranate Tree        

5) Sparklehorse             

6) Babies on the Sun

7) Shadowy Encounters      

8) Hypnotize/Mezmerize - System of a Down


Torossian’s style of filmmaking draws attention to the most basic component of her work, the strip of film, the celluloid on which images are laid to be projected. She alters the photographed images, transforming them into other objects; she juxtaposes them; and she makes them move outside the original photographed movement in ways that create a kind of rich collage, suggesting another dimension to the moving images with which she began... This Spotlight compilation is highly recommended for academic areas dealing with women in art and film as well as art history and film studies.”

—Oksana Dykyj, Educational Media Reviews Online

Gariné Torossian (Artist Spotlight Series)

  • Artist(s)
    Gariné Torossian




    79 min




    Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

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