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Image: Coconut/Cane & Cutlass (1994) by Michelle Mohabeer

Kent Tate is an award winning Canadian artist/filmmaker who explores the dichotomy between tranquility and activity in our natural and manufactured worlds. Time, motion and stillness are intertwined through Tate’s films to act like a fulcrum upon which the environmental, social and philosophical aspects of his movies are held in dynamic balance. 


The book, Kent Tate: Selected Films 2010 to 2022 traces the chronology of the experimental films Tate created while living in Saskatchewan from 2010 to 2015 and the experimental films he has created since moving to British Columbia in 2016 until the present. 


Along with an essay by Canadian artist/writer Julie Oakes this publication gives a comprehensive view of Tate’s artistic output during this period through the lens of 32 selected films described in this retrospective. 


“Kent Tate’s experimental films alter the perception of the ways that the world appears, not by insinuating a reason or meaning to existence - but by granting a greater sense of being to his subject, a reification of the importance of the environment. Tate brings the landscape on stage with aplomb defying the restrictions of time and order by adding to the relative perception we have of the earth. Poignant, poetic presentations framed by an aesthetic that liberally references beauty, are supported by music composed and played by Tate, underscoring scenes of subtle drama that unfold by innuendo as the odd alliances between humans, animals and the land are rephrased.” - Julie Oakes

Kent Tate: Selected Films 2010 - 2022

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  • Author(s):
    Julie Oakes and Kent Tate.




    87 pages


    Published by
    Rich Fog Micro Publishing


    ISBN: 978-1-988707-36-5 

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