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Rebecca Garrett: SEARCH A Book Launch


CFMDC is excited to present Rebecca Garrett: SEARCH A Book Launch on Sunday August 22nd, 1pm EDT. Please register at the eventbrite link. Join us for a conversation about Rebecca Garrett's 1980’s installation work between Rebecca Garrett, Jorge Lozano, and Dot Tuer. Moderated by John Greyson. This book launch is part of the ConverSalon program INTO THE CITY: Site Interventions in 1980’s Toronto - film installation work by Rebecca Garrett. Curated by Jorge Lozano and Alexandra Gelis and supported by the Canada Council for the Arts. Streaming free on from August 13th - 26th 2021. Rebecca Garrett: Search Edited by Mike Hoolboom Designed by Alena Koroleva A ConverSalon publication, 2020 A community project with the participation of Mike Hoolboom, Jorge Lozano, Martha Fleming, Elke Town, Rebecca Garrett, Annie Holmes, Dot Tuer, Riaz Mehmood, Lisa Steele, Lancelot The Brave, Nell Tenhaaf, John Greyson, Ali Kazimi, Clint Enns, Flora Campos Garrett, Linda Duvall, Alexandra Gelis, Emily Vey Duke, Kim Jackson, Darien Taylor, bh Yael, John Clarke, Wanda Nanibush, Audrey Huntley, Deborah Root, Angela ElzingaCheng, Judy Rebick. About the participants: Mike Hoolboom has been making movies since 1980. Dot Tuer is a writer who divides her time between Toronto, Canada and Corrientes, Argentina. Her scholarly and creative work explores artistic practices of memorialization and visual storytelling in a hemispheric context, with a focus on photography, performance, and media arts. She also has long-standing research interest in the history of Guaraní-Spanish transcultural practices in north-east Argentina and Paraguay. Tuer's publications include Mining the Media Archive (2005) and numerous museum catalogue, book anthology, and journal essays. Her curatorial projects include Frida and Diego: Passion, Politics, and Painting (Art Gallery of Ontario, 2012-13). A selection of her writings is posted at Jorge Lozano Lorza is an immigrant artist and filmmaker born in Colombia. He has been painting and filming, and making videos, sound, performance and installation works since he came to Canada in 1971. He has made over 170 movies—works that live not in-between, but within cultures. His work is a reflection of his personal commitment to epistemological and aesthetic disobedience and the investigation of different ways of thinking, feeling, and doing. Jorge is currently working on several moving image-deliriums, architectural installations, and film fetish short forms in Toronto, Ontario, where he lives. John Greyson is a Toronto video/film artist. Since 1984, his many features, shorts and transmedia works have explored such queer activist issues as police violence, prison, AIDS activism, solidarity, homo-nationalism, and apartheid (both South African and Israeli). These include International Dawn Chorus Day (2021), Mercurial (2018), Gazonto (2016), Murder in Passing (2013), Fig Trees (2009), Lilies (1996), Zero Patience (1993), The Making of Monsters (1991), and Urinal (1989). Rebecca Garrett is a visual and media artist whose award-winning experimental videos and installations have been exhibited in Canada and abroad. She has worked collaboratively and/or collectively with many groups and individuals in Canada, Denendeh, the USA, Zimbabwe, and Kenya, and has taught at York University, the University of Toronto, and the Ontario College of Art and Design. Her work expresses a long commitment to naming economic, colonial and social injustices, and building relations of exchange and reciprocity. ConverSalon: From conversar “to talk” in Spanish. An alternative option created to expand the networks for disseminating contemporary art, outside of gallery spaces. ConverSalon is a collaborative project supported by collective labour and desire for community, engaging in an economy of exchange of knowledge and care. Rebecca Garrett: Search is the second book produced by ConverSalon and edited by Mike Hoolboom. Other books are REPORTS: JORGE LOZANO (2018); B.H. YAEL: FAMILY STATES (2021); and ALEXANDRA GELIS (upcoming).

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