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The Breadth Of

2021-04-27 - 2021-05-30

The Breadth Of is a free, public symposium that investigates and responds to the living archive of the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC). This critical inquiry uses the CFMDC collection as a launching point, where we will engage, agitate and take stock, bring new ideas into consideration, and react through creative and critical dialogue. The Breadth Of grapples with themes of re-contextualizing and challenging the predominant historic narratives of media art and activism, while looking at what present and futures we wish to build. This symposium offers alternatives to current structures and relationships, and proposes how collectively we can challenge the inequitable ways in which media is constructed. Through film screenings, artist talks, panel discussions, mediated interventions and presentations we offer investigations and responses to CFMDC’s living archive and gently interrogate what is present and what is absent. The Breadth Of speaks to these questions and inquiries with both a macro and micro lens; acknowledging larger systems and structures of oppression and control, while simultaneously searching for ways in which communities can support themselves and each other. Initiated in a very different time, just last year, this symposium is the culmination of months of research and creative labour by our cohort of artist/film-video maker/curator-programmers. The Breadth Of includes contributions by curators and artists Alec Butler, B.G-Osborne, Geneviève Wallen, Jaene Castrillon, Kristin Li, Midi Onodera, Mikiki, Oliver Husain, Sonya Mwambu and XVK Collective.

Project Manager: Mikiki & Morgan Sears-Williams

Supported By: Canada Council for the Arts We would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts which makes this program possible.

Thank you to our co-presenters: Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto, Tangled Arts and Disability, Workman Arts, Pleasure Dome, Arquives, Toronto Queer Film Festival, Centre[3], Ada X, A Space & Trinity Square Video

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